Field-of-Vision Systems

Front wiper systems consist of a motor, a link mechanism that transmits the torque (rotational force), and blades that wipe off water droplets. The compact, light-weight but high-powered design accommodates a wide range of automobiles, from light cars to luxury cars, as well as eco-cars.

Front Wiper Systems

Reversing Wiper Systems

The built-in controller in this wiper system controls and optimizes the motor operation according to the driving conditions. Our reversing wiper systems feature a number of functions, including constant wiping motion and retractable blades.

Rear Wiper Systems

Integrated with a link mechanism in the deceleration unit, Mitsuba's compact, lightweight wiper motors feature a high-power design, which caters to a wide range of automobiles from light cars to luxury cars, as well as eco-cars. Mitsuba's products were the first rear wiper systems used in Japanese commercial automobiles and have served customers with their established technologies.

Windshield Washer Systems

Our windshield washer systems consist of a motor pump, a jet nozzle and a plastic tank, with a compact but high-powered design that can be used in harsh environments across the globe, including cold climates and areas where salt corrosion is a concern.

Door Mirrors

Door mirrors provide drivers with rear visibility. Mitsuba supplies a wide variety of door mirrors, including mirrors that has integration of a remote control function, an electrical retraction function, or turn signals.


Mitsuba offers a wide range of exterior lamps (such as turn signals for body and door mirrors, etc.) and interior lamps.