Engine Auxiliary Module / Drive Control Systems

Starter motors aid to start engines. Mitsuba's compact, lightweight starter motors feature a high-powered design, which caters to various types of automobiles from light cars to luxury cars, as well as eco-cars.

Starter Motors

Fan Motors

Fan motors are used for cooling radiators and capacitors. Mitsuba's fan motors are designed to offer great durability and waterproofing, and are used in a wide r ange of automobiles, from light cars to luxury cars, as well as eco-cars.

Intelligent Dynamic Actuators

Intelligent dynamic actuators and EGR systems in large diesel engines to provide cleaner emission and better fuel efficiency.

Electric Oil Pumps

Oil pump driven by a motor. Electrically operated pump allows to provide oil only when and as much as needed, contributing to fuel efficiency improvement. In addition, its compact size and high output are realized by the use of a brush-less motor.

Electronic Throttle Control Motors

Electronic throttle control motors use electric signals to provide control between the accelerator pedal and engine. The control produces optimal engine power, contributing to improved fuel efficiency.

Electric Power Steering Motors

Electric power steering motors support the operability of the steering wheel. The electric control reduces engine load, which contributes to improved fuel efficiency. In addition, the brush-less construction offers a significantly quieter operation, higher power output, and improved responsiveness.

Active Force Pedal Actuators

Supports safe driving by providing reactive force to the accelerator pedal.
Fuel efficiency can be improved by preventing excessive depression of the accelerator pedal, and information on the proximity to the preceding vehicle can be communicated to the driver through the synchronized operation of the vehicle sensor.

Electric Servo Brake Motors

The use of regenerative braking and coordinated control makes it possible for EVs to reduce charging costs, and for hybrid vehicles to reduce fuel costs. Mitsuba's motors use a brush-less design to further improve reliability.