Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Involvement

AMC undertakes a number of philanthropic activities in order to maintain such a relationship. Donations are collected every year and the funds are distributed to a randomly drawn local charity. Periodic blood drives are also held on-site at each of our facilities. AMC also participates in the United Way Campaign and Adopt-a-Family during the holiday season.
AMC Mt. Pleasant interacts with Central Michigan University by providing student internship opportunities in a number of fields ranging from Accounting to Environmental Compliance. AMM recently played host to a group of 5th grade Junior Achievers. The Monroeville, IN facility (AMI) held an open house to celebrate their recent 20-year anniversary. AMI also provides donation to local fire, EMS and police organizations as well as a local high school's school-sponsored programs. In addition, work is beginning on an in-plant clinic that will be open to Associates and their families who may find it difficult to locate in-network providers nearby.
Support and cooperation with the local community and its residents is one tenent of AMC's mission. A statement from former CEO Toshifumi Kohno shared, "making a positive contribution to the local community and shareholders" as one of AMC's main objectives.
[2. To enrich the social, economic and educational well being of communities and society through corporate and individual participation.]
The company relationship with the local community is taken very seriously and has been integrated into the Associate Handbook, stating that all Associates are responsible for maintaining AMC's positive image and reputation, cooperate with and support the community and its citizens along with preserving the environment.
[1. The purpose of giving back.]